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Lily to Host Holbrook's family disco 2012 and 2013
Lily to Host Holbrook's family disco 2012 and 2013
Head on over to the Holbrook Club in Horsham for an evening of entertainment and dancing with our Lily and Toxi. Not forgetting her special 'Holbrook's Got Talent' circus skills challenge!

Lily and Toxi lead dance routines, games and hold a circus challenge every month for the children and families that come along to this special night - hope to see you there next time, we'll be looking out for you......

See their website for more information.

Holbrook Club Website


Over The Moon Festival 2012
Over The Moon Festival 2012
Circus Brighton joined forces with Poi Passion to perform the headline act at the Over the Moon Festival 2012.

Our collaborative adventure took the audience through the elements of water, earth, air, wood, metal and (of course) fire in a whirlpool of magical dance.

Video from the amazing fire show is below

Poi Passion with Circus Brighton performers OOTO 2012

For more information follow the link:

Over The Moon Festival Website


Street Party Circus Skills Fun 2012
Street Party Circus Skills Fun 2012
Tis the season for mega street parties it seems! And what street party would be complete without a dedicated circus area for everyone to come and have a go?!

Our Lily was out last Sunday at a special street party in Brighton bring circus skills to all the boys and girls, as well as some brave adults!

Everyone had a go and it seemed hooping was the favourite of the day as even the adults came up and had a spin, Lily was also extremely impressed with some of the young girls who were spinning hoops all up their body and flying in the air.

The diabolos were also a great favourite with the local boys swapping their skills and seeing who could throw and catch the highest, we're just glad it was a wide street....

Along the street were live bands playing, a nail polish stand manned by the local teenagers, more food than the whole of Brighton could have consumed, facepainting and a basketball net placed perfectly in front of a tarp covered skip full of water. Guess where the ball kept ending up, and guess where all the boys preferred to be?

Loving the imagination of children, Lily had to surpress a chuckle as the pedal racer was looped up in the skipping rope and taken for a walk down the road, I hope they cleared up after it.

After a few demonstrations by Lily and everyone had had an amazing time she packed up just as the first spots of rain started falling, perfect timing and the weather that afternoon had been glorious sunshine up to that point - perfect street party weather!

Thanks for having our Lily along. We love a good street party with circus fun!

Much Love
Circus Brighton
x x x


Fire at the Fringe! Sunday 27th May 2012
Fire at the Fringe! Sunday 27th May 2012

Poi Passion Presents: Relight My Fire
And we're not talking Take That.....

Sunday 27th May 2012
On the Level in Brighton
8pm until 10pm

A finale to the Fringe Festival like no other!

A free event but donations will be more than welcome as burning stuff ain't cheap.

8 - 8:30pm - CircusSeen Kids Show
Watch in wonder as Worthing's talented circus kidlets bring you an amazing unique show.

9:15 - 10pm (basically as soon as it starts getting dark)
Poi Passion have worked hard all year to light up the night with their wonderful and dazzlingly choreographed fire show! With special guests.

Bring a picnic blanket and nibbles as this is a sit down event, unless you want to stand of course - who are we to judge.
Please consider the environment and take all rubbish / recycling home with you afterwards, or the kitten gets it....

Toilets are by the level, in the skate park or in the nearby pub:The Caroline of Brunswick - pop in and have an after show drink or two as it's the perfect place to chill out! (Make mine a double)
Click here to be taken to The Caroline of Brunswick's website

Our fire show includes: Synchronised and choreograph acts with a multitude of specialist fire equipment and pyro delights.

For more information contact kate@poipassion.com (you'll probably have to copy and paste to your email program as I have no idea how to link emails on here!)
or call Mikey on 07507 707482 or the office 01903 203343

Below is a taster from one of Poi Passion's recent shows:

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X marks the spot!

Updated information if you wish to contact Poi Passion about any upcoming shows or events (as of March 2013):
Email kate@poipassion.com or call 07900063767
or 01903 20 33 43


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